Monday, April 28, 2008

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Helpful questions freely asked.

"Dear Grannie C" - announcing an experiment, an Advice Column, for amusement only, never take Grannie C's advise of course, tisk-tisk.

The reader who is so bored or perplexed as to be looking for someone else's two cents worth of opinion has no further to look than here, for Grannie C is ever-ready with suggestions, advice, or some other variety of gratuitous and even innocently ignorant remark - not to confuse or offend, certainement, but rather merely in an attempt to amuse, even perchance to help by chance or in some unintended way, but always for us all to take a moment and laugh, Laugh, LAUGH! So then, dear reader, send your questions needing biased or cranky insights, dreams needing bizarre or worthless but droll interpretations, and/or other similar vague wandering wonderings that might benefit from a little focus and push by a third party who (even if somehow she cannot ever get her sunbonnet on just right) always has something to say about any topic that is at the very least pointless, yes, bring them here, dear reader, and you may find them addressed, one way, or another - always for amusement only, as Grannie Crackers makes no special claims or guarantees for any creative product appearing here that purports to be advice or interpretation and which in fact is nothing other than artistic conjecture and invention for amusement only, so, put that away and get to work. That's nice.

On Bad Behavior

Please consult Grannie Cracker's recipe files for simple and direct methods for making use of useless but tasty elements that refuse to behave.